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Originally from the small town of Ferrara (Italy), Francesca started to dance at the age of 4 in the local dance school “Scuola di Danza il Cigno” under the direction of Melania Durca, training in ballet, neoclassic contemporary and Graham.

At the age of 18 she moved to England to pursue the Foundation Course and later on the BPA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, graduating with a First-Class Hons. While developing her interests in floor work and release technique, she performed works by Tiia Ourila, Jamaal Burkmar, Gavin Coward and Tamsin Fitzgerald.

Francesca has an energetic Mediterranean personality, interested in travelling and learning about other cultures and culinary. Fascinated by natural landscapes and body language, she also likes art and writing, whose knowledge she tries to increase during her free time. With her family she has been involved in a traditional and historical event in her hometown called Palio since the age of 11.