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SEMESTER 1 (August-November)

Repertory Development (60 credits)
In this first semester, you will establish the new student company and work intensively with international choreographers to create new pieces of repertory. This module is wholly practical in nature and is focused solely on the rehearsal and development process.

SEMESTER 2 (December-January)

Personal and Ensemble Development (30 credits)
This module shifts the company from an intensive creative mode into a deeper period of rehearsal and development. Contemporary technique classes support the rehearsal and refinement of the new works, as well as developing your ensemble work with Joss Arnott. This module supports reflection on your specific development as a dancer and collaborator, building on strengths and addressing areas for development: physically, creatively and professionally.

Approaches to Dance Pedagogy (15 credits)
In this module, you will be introduced to the creative and physical techniques implicit in dance workshop development and delivery. The course will be delivered intensively in a two-week block. This course explores the methods and practices of teaching dance, but specifically to a workshop setting, including areas such as:

– Talent development for young dancers

– Engagement with current issues through dance experience

– Workshop design

– Educational aspects of dance performance and touring

Producing for Small/Mid-Scale Touring (15 credits)
This classroom-based module digs into the knowledge, skills and professional context surrounding producing and touring. Taught by professional producers, this module looks at funding, programming, liaising with venues, programmers and technical teams, marketing and audience development. It is designed to support skills in self-producing as a part of your portfolio career development as a dance professional.

Teaching Strategy and Design in Dance (15 credits)
This practical and theoretical module delves into the concepts and approaches central to dance teaching within a curriculum setting. Module content will consider the function of curriculum as the ‘spine’ of the learning experience and explore creative and physical approaches to engage students with new skills and knowledge within and through dance. This module is taught in an intensive, two-week block and will equip you with a foundation of pedagogic theory and practical knowledge central to work in the dance studio as a classroom,

SEMESTER 3 (February-May)

Dance Performance Practices (30 credits)
This module is embedded into the performance and professional practices involved in touring. Your learning will occur both on campus in rehearsal and in various national venues during the tour. You will also have a professional role in supporting of the wider tour, which may include elements of workshop delivery, supporting the tour producer and/or engaging with the technical team. The module will focus on students’ practical knowledge of dance performance, but in the professional contexts specific to a touring repertory company.

Practice-as-Research Project/Dissertation (30 credits)
In this final project, you will be asked to propose an area of exploration, arising from your experiences in the previous modules and focused on future work within profession. Upon submitting a proposal, you will be assigned a supervisor to support you on this journey of enquiry. Either individually or in collaboration with others, the results of these investigations will be presented at the New Adelphi Theatre alongside a wider programme of dance performances and events.


Postgraduate Diploma

Students may choose to enrol on the Postgraduate Diploma instead of the Master Degree. In this course of study, they would undertake the following three modules:

  • Repertory Development (August-November)
  • Personal and Ensemble Development (December-January)
  • Dance Performance Practices (February-May).


The postgraduate diploma mirrors content for a part-time study on the MA programme. Therefore, if a student graduating with a PGDiploma chose to return and complete the MA at a later date, this could be done on a part-time basis over two semesters. This part-time year would include:

– Approaches to Dance Pedagogy AND Producing for Small/Mid-Scale Touring OR Teaching Strategy and Design in Dance

– Practice-as-Research Project/Dissertation


For more information, please visit our HOW TO APPLY section for application details or contact

Joss Arnott, Artistic Director
e: info@jossarnottdance.co.uk

Sarie Mairs Slee, Programme Leader
e: S.M.Slee@salford.ac.uk